Expert Muddy Sediment Analysis and Consultancy

ENVIROMUD has specialist experience and knowledge of cohesive sediments and how they interact with the aquatic environment. This expertise can be applied to a wide range of situations where muddy sediment movement can cause problems in hydraulic conditions. Examples include seabed assessment before and after aggregate extraction, evaluation of estuarine sediment transport patterns and dredging considerations. Risk based assessment for areas where sediment erosion and movement has the potential to cause adverse affects and pollution.


  • Logistics
  • Equipment Deployment, Calibrations, Data Collection
  • Field Data Processing and Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis and Graphical Presentation
  • GIS Analysis
  • Sediment Transport Calculations
  • Conceptual Modelling

GIS output

Sediment Erosion Plot

Particle Size Distribution


  • Site Specific Informed Analysis and Interpretation
  • Logistics, Methodology, Liaison, Co-ordination
  • A Holistic Approach to Data Gathering Challenges
  • Seabed Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Information for Dredging Considerations and Sediment Management
  • Risk Assessment of Muddy Sediment Transport ‘Events’ and Mitigation

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