Reliable Sediment Measurements

We know how important it is to base prediction and design upon sound field investigation. ENVIROMUD specialises in determination of site-specific characteristics, properties and behaviour of sediment. These allow evaluation of parameters that govern sediment transport behaviour and patterns. Measurements are key to provide a real world understanding of local sediment behaviour and can then be used to make informed analysis, decisions and modelling.

Bed Sediment Properties

  • Particle Size Analysis (PSA) – gravimetric sieving and pipette analysis
  • Bulk Density, Dry Density
  • Sediment Erodibility - shear strength, critical erosion shear stress (in-situ, on grab samples, or box cores)
  • Chemical Constituents - pollutants, Organic Carbon, Nitrogen, Heavy Metals, Chlorophyll etc. (external analysis)
  • Benthic Fauna– wet sieved macrofauna (external analysis)
  • Sedimentation Parameters ( e.g. settling velocity)

Grab Sampling


Sampling and Observation


Shear Vane Erodibility Measurement


SedErode Erodibility Measurement

Water Column Conditions

  • Turbidity – calibrated to Total Suspended Sediment 
  • Use of Submersible Autonomous Sensors
  • In-situ Particle Settling Velocity
  • Fluid Mud formation and dispersion
  • Water Velocity and Bed Shear-Stress regimes
  • Conductivity / Salinity / Temperature

Bottle Samples


Sensor Maintenance


Water Sampling

Bathymetry and Morphology

  • Morphological Features

Bathymetry mapping


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