About Helen Lowe

Over the last 30 years I have developed a passion and gained much experience as a marine scientist, with particular expertise in the properties and behaviour of cohesive (muddy) sediment. I use my skills and experience to provide better understanding of the marine environment for the protection of seabeds, muddy habitats, water quality, and marine life.

I am a Chartered Marine Scientist with a MSc Oceanography and BSc Chemistry with Oceanography, both at Southampton University. I also have qualifications in Marine Ecology and Conservation and am a Marine Warden for the Dorset Wildlife Trust at Kimmeridge, Dorset.


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Before starting ENVIROMUD in 2019, I worked for HR Wallingford Ltd, Jacobs (then Halcrow), QINETIQ and SSP Ltd, and I retain many close links with former colleagues in these organisations.

ENVIROMUD has a working agreement with Shoreline Surveys Ltd where we can combine complementary skills to offer stronger support to our clients.

Dr Rob Nunny (until 2019 trading as Ambios Environmental Consultants Ltd) and Dr Kevin Black (of Partrac Ltd) are both supportive of the development of ENVIROMUD, providing invaluable insight and guidance that underpin our endeavours.

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